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    It's always good to have a place you can count on for great coffee. I usually stop in here about two or three times a year when passing through Palmer. It never disappoints me, always fresh pastries, perfect coffee, and a comfortable place to hang out.

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    On a visit to Palmer in the winter, I walked the main strip and came across Vagabond Blues. Seemed like the only decent plans to grab a good cup of coffee.

    I was right. Kaladi brothers coffee at its best. I had a tasty vanilla latte which was nicely prepared in a compost able cup.  About $4.45 for a 16 oz.

    They have a large assortment of pastries - cakes and cookies.  Many are vegan.  They also have sandwiches.

    Nice ambiance with a lot of seating. A great place to get some work done on your computer, although they appear to use some local radio station sponsored free wifi. Also a great place to meet with friends or read a book. Some nice comfy chairs would be a great addition.  

    From your seat, you have a view of the mountains, the train depot...and Wells Fargo.

    Great place to grab some coffee in Palmer.

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    This is an update to my previous review because WOO HOO, you can now buy whistling swan / vagabond blues concert tickets online. Thanks guys!

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