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    My husband and I just moved to Murfreesboro and being bbq crazy people this was our home away from home the first few weeks. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, the bbq is spot on for Eastern Carolina, and the fried chicken is outstanding. We've gone in for a meal off the menu and a buffet lunch and they were both really good. I haven't had room left to try their desserts yet, but I plan on it!!

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    My first time here. Went on a Sunday when they had a buffet. Lots of choices and plenty of food and drink. I especially liked the Seafood Newburg!

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    I travel all over Eastern NC for work. Hungry one day with some time in between appointments I gave this place a try. I'm a skeptic when it comes to food in Eastern NC because of past experience. I ordered a pork bbq sandwich and a sweet tea. The guy at the register couldn't have been nicer. Anyway took the sandwich to my car and low and behold I could not believe what I was tasting !  The sandwich was unreal ! I mean get out of the car howl at the moon good. I was stunned ! By the time I was done I went back inside and told the guy not only was it the best NC bbq I have ever tasted it was the best sandwich I'd ever eaten.  Yes the best sandwich ever is located here.

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