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    Stopped in on the way home from Rat Fink reunion based on a referral from a friend. I have to say that we all had one of the best meals ever! One of our party had served a mission in Germany & said this was the first time he has had this level of quality of German food since coming home many years ago. We had a farmers breakfast, bratwurst & potatoes & a wiener & potato salad. For dessert we had carrot cake & raspberry panna cotta, the cake was the best piece of carrot cake I have EVER had period!! We will definitely be returning multiple times in the future. I would highly recommend this cafe to anyone without hesitation!

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    My favorite place to eat in Sanpete County. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The owners are great, the desserts are killer, and be sure to try Opa's bread.

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    Wow! I moved to Salt Lake City in 1996 and lamented the food scene. With a few exceptions there was little going on here. Now that has changed and when it comes to business meetings I have choices.

    Then I discovered Das Cafe in Spring City. The food was amazing and a total surprise to me this far from "civilization". I had what may be one of the best omeletes I have ever had, thanks to the uber-fresh ingredients and the spectacular smoked bacon and sausage. Having problems with wheat I cannot speak to the breads, but they looked and smelled incredible.

    If you are in Sanpete county you have to go to Das Cafe for breakfast or lunch. If you are not in Sanpete you have to go out of your way at least once to give this gem a try.

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