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    Okay I really like this Pizza!  Crust is very good, even a bit crispy on the bottom.
    The Mozzerella sticks were not your typical deep fried sticks.  This more like a small pizza with tons of cheese.   I liked them much better.
    Salads were pretty typical bag-o-lettuce but fresh.
    I like the decor but there was no music.  It needs music.
    I'll be back whenever I am in ephraim.

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    We had the Roy's Special Combo, minus the pineapple (because that's a ridiculous topping for pizza). It was tasty. My compliments to Roy. I saw pasta, and ice cream but didn't sample either because the pizza was so good. I would have given a fifth star for a bigger TV on the wall chairs made of a sturdier material than plastic. Those chairs will not support the butts of those who will feast on this pizza...not for long anyway.

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