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    Disappointing!  I guess the original menu and/or cooks left since we last visited.  The menu has changed, the ingredients are no longer fresh and taste from a box, jar or canned.  

    We had been so excited to come back after our great experience and unfortunately can no longer recommend the place.  Perhaps they do a good burger, and they certainly were busy, but the items on the menu and the California quality is definitely gone.

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    Dirks has good food. The serving staff was very friendly, accommodating, and helpful. They made recommendations that turned out good.

    We arrived late the first night and they stayed open to feed us. I'm gluten free (allergic but not to the point my food has to be prepared in gluten free only environment) so I had a much more limited selection.

    Those who could eat anything said the pasta was good, flavorful, right seasonings. The table shared mac and cheese bites and seemed to enjoy them. Someone had the ribeye special and said it was very good. The burger was well prepared and flavorful.

    I had the grilled chicken with pesto and goat cheese. I thought there was a bit too much pesto but the chicken was wonderful - moist and cooked perfectly. I loved the flavor of the pesto and goat cheese.

    We especially enjoyed the Desert Pear Lemonade - a mix of prickly pear, pear and lemonade. YUMMM.

    The next day we wandered back for breakfast. Basics - eggs, bacon, toast etc. The server brought my eggs with toast laying on top even though I told her I was gluten free. I'm not extremely allergic so I just took the toast off and handed it to the other person at the table (who had ordered it.) But it could have been a big problem. The eggs were not hot, the food had been sitting and since we all ordered a similar dish they should have come out hot. Nice server and the place was empty when we were there so no excuse as to why it wasn't delivered immediately.

    Reading other reviews, I'd offer a suggestion to the owners and staff:  PAY ATTENTION TO THE ORDERS. It's not always about what we prefer, sometimes it's a major food allergy. If that were the case I would have sent it back and probably not eaten at all because I wouldn't have trusted that they didn't just bring back the same food.

    Overall it was a good place to stop and eat.

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    Good food.  Reasonable prices.  Ambiance is appropriate for the name and type of theme they are advertising.  Family friendly.  Generally large portions except the kids menu which were unusually small (burger).  Huge soft drinks.  Desserts were very good and big.  We shared.  We would certainly eat there again.

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