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    Roy's pizza is the best pizza in all of sanpete. Little Caesars may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Roy's is delicious and quality pizza. Pasta and ice cream is good too.

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    Great pizza but also the pizza with the most grease per slice within 100 miles. I'd go for pizza gallery down the street before here though.

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    Pizza in Ephraim?

    This place has excellent pizza and is worth going to if you're in Manti for the LDS pageant or are on your way to Palisades.  The pepperoni is just perfect and their sausage has fennel and is incredible with a side of their ranch.  Their's a dessert shop next door so you can stop here first and then grab an ice cream when you're done.  This pizza ranks in my top five.  Either because I really love it that much or simply because it's the only place worth eating at within 100 miles.

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