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    Tried it again for some reason unbeknown to me aaand it didn't change. Complained to our table that he didn't want to cook so many waffles. Surprised hes still open.

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    It's been a while since I was at the Satisfied Ewe, but I have fond memories.  I went to a geology field camp based in Ephraim and we ate 2 meals here every weekday.  The servers were nice and the food was consistent, if nothing else.  It is definitely a place for local regulars and a place where I felt at home.

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    Not the best place I've eaten.  I'd recommend heading to Manti to eat at Dirk's Farmhouse instead,  Cavalier's Pizza in Mt Pleasant or Lisa's Kitchen in Nephi.

    Locals do come here - but the food is really greasy and the service is not the nicest.  Wouldn't recommend it.

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