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  • Takes Reservation
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    Wouldve been first on here had yelp listened to my new business input. Very good priced, the sandwiches are soooo good. Steak is awesome and the turkey too. Service at the counter is learning to be mindful and respectful but need to step it up. They fill your sandwich FULL and you may have meat left over after you finish the sandwich. Love to stop in over and over. They have a putting range while you wait and free refills.

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    I was in town for some work and heard good things about this place. The food was fantastic! I ordered a 10" homestyle philly cheese steak and a side of cheese bread. The steak was amazing and the cheese was very tasty. I have not had this quality of Cheese Steak in years. I will definitely return next time I am in the town of Ephraim.

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