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    Good custard-filled donut.

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    We had the chicken wrap one day and it was wonderful. The fries were ok but we loved the tots. My husband had the burger and it was more like meat flavored paper... it was so thin you could hardly see it.
    The next day we tried the doughnuts and they didn't taste that great. They were almost like the frozen doughnuts they just fried and put a premade glaze on them... for the term bakery I would expect hand made treats.
    I am also saying that his place is not good for groups because there were 8 of us and we had to sit in separate booths and we were not able to chat with each other.

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    Well-documented: I'm a sucker for small-town burger joints.

    Well-documented: I'm a bakery fanatic.

    Newly-discovered: If you combine those two I will freak out on you.

    This is small-town burgerville, and I love it. In the thriving metropolis of Manti, Utah (population nearly 3,300) you've actually got a few dining options, but none like Miller's which houses both burgers and donuts. DONUTS.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't spend much time in here. The light parade was starting (you know, when Santa comes down the road on top of a fire engine and then everyone goes over to the high school for chili and treats from the Boy Scouts ad Girl Scouts) and I had to duck in and duck right out. But boy-howdy, it hit all the right buttons.

    What I didn't see was if the donuts and the burgers ever get combined. I've heard legend of other places doing burgers with donuts for buns. If they do it, lights out. I'm moving to Manti, taking up ranching, and eating one every night until I die. Which would probably be less than a week on a diet of donut burgers.

    They make pies (it was the day after Thanksgiving and they were clearing them out for 99 cents) and have a small seating area. Perfect for stopping by on the way through town, or to congregate with a merry band of local friends. Superb!

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