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    live in north pole.

    terribly overpriced food for the quality you're getting, decor isn't anything special, the wait time to get food is atrocious.  

    severely disappointed.  Avoid this place!

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    Completely disappointed, went over on a Friday night a little before 10:00 and the wait staff was leaving. They said we could check with the bartender if they were still serving food. (We called earlier and they told us they served til 10:00) She checked and said, "sorry they just shut everything off." She then looked at the clock and saw it was before 10 and just shrugged her shoulders. They will NEVER get my business and I will deter as many away as I can. Ridiculous on a Friday night when people go out later. Too bad they didn't let us know this on DDD, thanks Guy!

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    I was in Fairbanks for work and decided to visit North Pole.  Many of the students in my class had recommended stopping at the Elf's Den.  A couple of coworkers and myself made an afternoon trip there and stopped in for a quick bite to eat.  The food was average though the chicken wings were sauced with slightly sweet delectable hot sauce that had no vinegar.  The service was not overly slow and they had a decent selection of beers on tap.  The chef / bartender was very friendly and talkative.

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