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    I must be a fan because I keep returning.

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    On our way back from our field trip, Berea College, Entrepreneurship for the Public Good, EPG, candidates and two faculty members stopped by the Golden Corral Restaurant near Somerset, Kentucky for lunch.  We had an all-you-can-eat menu with a fair price of $10 per person.  Golden Corral Restaurant also has a discount price for senior citizens that show a willingness to be an all inclusive restaurant making their services available by creating an affordability capacity for a wide range of citizens.

    Golden Corral Restaurants have all kinds of dishes from a number of appetizers and salads to begin your meal. Expect fish or wonderfully made chicken, beef or pork stews made with a variety of sauces as the entrées.  They also serve fresh burgers on spot, which I found refreshing for my eclectic test of dishes. I am expanding my gourmet tastes experiencing many cuisines as I eat out in restaurants every chance I get.  If you prefer the Golden Corral Restaurant spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce is delicious. Their vegetable soup is worth mentioning as well. Their desserts range from various kinds of cakes and ice-cream to jellies.

    On top of the various array of delicious meals Golden Corral Restaurant has outstanding customer service which we found marvelous. The waitresses are quite polite, respectful and responsive.  In addition to the restaurant and the buffet area, the bathroom is well cleaned.

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