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    Smallish restaurant/bar with an odd name.

    Smallish menu.... Fried appetizers... burgers, sandwiches... iceberg lettuce salads.  A solid step above most pub grub bars.  I thought the burger was very good... fresh, handmade patty.  Fresh jalapenos (not canned).  Great flavor.  Toasted bun.  I'd rank it just below Dinker's in Omaha (which I rank right below Sinful Burger and Stella's as best burgers in Omaha).  So the fact this place is in the discussion means they have a tasty damn burger.

    Also tried the wings.  Classic hot wings.  Spot-on for what they are.

    We sat at the bar.  Busy during our visit.  Great service.  Friendly and fast.

    Wings, burger, 2 salads... a handful of beers, a bloody mary and two vodka Red Bulls and our tab was under $50.  Very reasonable.

    They also have a fairly large outdoor seating area with a large awning.  

    Next time we are in Fremont, we will stop here again.

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    Updated menu. Try the Texas Roadhouse burger - cheese, bacon, onion ring, and bbq sauce. That sauce is liquid gold, I tell ya!

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