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    Great Food and enviroment.  The staff is top notch.  They catered food and drinks for a recent pre-wedding party at our house and it was outstanding.  Fairly priced, especially when you consider the great quality.  A great touch of southern hospitality rolled up in delicious!

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    I had lunch with friends at Elizabeth G's today.  Cute restaurant and good food! Service was excellent..a sweet young lady was regularly refilling our iced tea glasses! I had the chicken salad croissant sandwich along with my favorite Mrs Vickers Chips. Very tasty! My friends got the special of the day, Chicken Divan along with one side and homemade rolls. Both were pleased with their selections. And the desserts and strawberry pretzel salad looked delicious but we passed on dessert today. Their sweet tea was very good, I find this to be a test of a good Southern Restaurant. If they have good sweet tea, they have good food! Prices are in line with other similar restaurants in Hartselle. They also offer casseroles to take home if you order them by 10:30 am on the day you need it for dinner. The only thing that kept me from giving them five stars was the noise in the restaurant. I am not sure if it was the acoustics or what but it made it hard to sit and visit with my friends. Tables are a little close together as well, adding to the noise when the restaurant is busy.

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