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    The meal we had here was the worst meal we've had since moving to Alabama in 2000.  After reading the online reviews we decided to try this place, since we would be in the area for soccer tournaments.  We love Mexican shrimp cocktail but don't care for the ketchup based kind....too sweet for us.  I called ahead of time and asked if theirs was ketchup based and was told no.  Happily my daughter and I ordered one each and it was sweet.  Ketchup...yikes!  We told them we specifically asked about the ketchup and they said we're sorry we don't know who u spoke with but our cocktails have always been ketchup based.  Do u know who u spoke w/because no one here recalls speaking to anyone on the phone about the cocktail.  I tried a fork full of hubby's Spanish rice, flavorless.  Grand daughter's tortilla soup lacked seasoning.  Our food took about 40 minutes to come out.  When we went to pay the bill the cashier was on the phone and taking peoples money.  My daughter had to correct him 4 times as he entered the wrong price on several items listed on her check.  She tried speaking w/him but he was too busy chatting on the phone to reply to her instead he just nodded yes when she'd point out his ringing things up wrong.  Change the amount and continue chatting w/phone buddy.

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    Never had a bad meal there! My wife and I's favorite Mexican restaurant in town. Service is great and prices aren't bad.

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    Very good Mexican food. Especially for AL. Coming from Cali, I know what Mexican should taste like and this place knows what's up. I rated it only 4 stars because a lot of their menu has items on it that have been modified in a way to have less flavor because the local "gringos" like it a certain way. If you really like Mexican food and really like some good spicy guacamole, then ask for it to be prepared "authentica". Overall great place!

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