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    Simple diner fare.  The food's good, the service is friendly.  A nice family place.  Directly across from the softball fields and around the corner form the soccer fields.

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    The digression of this particular restaurant has been ongoing since I was kid. This was the diner my Grandpa took us kids to when Grandma was pissed at him. No home-cooking for us, the old lady's mad, and we must pay for it.

    Our penance:
    Greasy diner food. Questionable casseroles, fried to infinity entrees, and a lingering cloud of cigarette smoke from who knows where? Looking around you would notice the other disowned husbands, and unknowing truck drivers. I completely blame Mister Henry's for the fast food addiction my little sisters have. They will forever now associate family restaurants with grease, indigestion, and scary old men.

    The upside: Its locally ran, and used... a lot by the elderly community in Hartselle. The service is super nice (because they know your Momma's momma) and fast.

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