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    Honest-out in Poolesville is a really good Chinese restaurant.  My wife is a cook and usually finds restaurant food too fatty, to plain, and too expensive, but she loved this place-we both did.  Each dish had unique interesting flavors and maintained interest, and I felt really good afterwards.  This is healthy food carefully prepared to order by a good cook.  The room is quite nice-interesting pictures, quiet, and I was impressed with the lovely Chinese plates.  Service is very prompt and friendly.  There is a full bar and they served a rather nice chardonnay in a full glass at a good price.  Didn't dare try the Japanese food, but will next time...can't wait to go back...feels like being invited to someone's home for a very good dinner.

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    they opened as a restaurant with a small bar in a room off to the side. Since then, the small bar area has become the restaurant/sitting area, and the large dining room has been converted to a full bar. Hence, I would describe this place as "a bar that serves Chinese food"  

    If you are looking for a classy crowd to sip cocktails with, this is not the place for you. To some people, this place may seem sketchy, but the regulars seem to be very friendly. If it is around any holiday season (thanksgiving, Christmas) or summer, expect to see lots of college students.

    The staff is very friendly, and the bartender Bert is a nice guy.

    I havent eaten much food here, only when ive been drinking, but the spicy wontons are damn good.

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    This place has a great atmosphere and good food. The staff is friendly. One of my favorites.

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