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    only open in the summer. directly across the street from Silver Gulch and down the street from Turtle Club.  A great Fairbanks night out might include dinner and amazing beer at Silver Gulch then cross the street for a lively (very busy on weekends) night of dancing like a hippie, playing (or watching) volleyball out back and drinking strong drinks.  theres also pool tables, fussball and food. the place is very interestingly decorated in Alaskan type decor and bras/panties hanging from the ceiling. its Alaska people....

    only downside is finding a way home after since its out of town. a cab into downtown would probably cost maybe $30.

    biggest weekends i would imagine are Food Stock (in June maybe??) and Halloween. pretty sure they close for season not long after that.

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    I didn't have any food or drinks here but the blues music on Thursday nights are amazing. It sounds like the jazzy blues of New Orleans. The Raines Brothers are a must see in Fairbanks. Lots of people having a good time dancing the west coast swing on the floor.

    The only thing that I would change about the place is to make it smoke free.

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    The burgers and fries are fantastic, the servings are not small at all, worth the $8 ! The atmosphere is similar to many other Alaskan bars I've been to, the tables are carved into with names and such, the walls are covered in... everything  (airplane doors, flags, signed dollar bills).  I like the atmosphere, food and drink selection.

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