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    Now this is what I was looking for.  

    A piece of history and great food.

    Los Arcos, the building itself used to be a feed store decades ago.  Inside is a very well decorated and ornamented room.  The room is filled with antiques (not sure if they were real), a fireplace, and more fillers to make a cozy environment.

    The food itself was delicious.  I tried a menu item called Jessie's Combination.  If I remember right, a beef enchilada, a pork tamale, and a ??? (ok forgot the third item),  accompanied by whole beans (a rarity) and rice.  Everything was delicious.

    In an effort to try something that might be unique and local, I tried a drink called Atole.  Atole is a thick milky drink made mainly from blue corn.  It was ok, but moreso I was glad that there were "interesting" items on the menu.

    Great for night time intimate dining also.  Seemed like they had a bar also.


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