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    A good neighborhood bowling alley.

    I attended an afternoon fundraiser here - a 3rd annual fundraiser for a variety of church missions.

    They were very accommodating to our group and we had a successful event.

    They have oldtime graphics on the overheads for keeping score - I'm talking old ANSI type graphics from the '80s - I guess that's part of what I like about this place, it's kinda old and dated.

    Anyway, I'm glad to visit here each year, especially when it comes to raising money for charities.

    Thanks to Continental Lanes for doing their part to support local charities!

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    I'm on a once-a-month league at good old Continental Lanes... The place is pretty big, 50+ lanes easily.  My drinks often taste un-good but that's what I get for not ordering beer at a bowling alley.
    Don't bowl on the far lanes near either door -as people haven't quite gotten the concept of going all the way outside to smoke.  It also gets hot in this joint, so don't try to bowl in a sweatshirt.  You'll regret it.  The equipment is pretty old - so there are frequent needs to reset, call for help, etc.  Ignoring all that! - if you just are looking to bowl and don't take it that seriously, have at it. lol

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    I've been here two times for fundraisers, so I'm not too familiar with the normal bowling prices. I have to mention something about the beer: Bud, Bud Light, and Miller Light are all they have on tap.  Unfortunately the Bud was really skunky and flat, but I was able to take it back and choose one of the other two.

    As far as the rest goes, I'm not much of a bowler, but I've been to better alleys. This place is really dated. My dad's bowling ball came back one with a large chip missing. The lane computers are straight out of the 80's, which makes you wonder why 30 years have passed and the place hasn't managed to upgrade yet.

    A lot of alleys are old, but this place could have been kept up a bit better. Anything even 10 years old would have been nice to see. If you do end up here though, the Polish nachos are good.

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