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    This is my favorite hookah joint of all time!

    The location is fine. I am absolutely terrible with directions. But, I managed to get to this place safe and sound!

    I really love the atmosphere! It is a really chill environment where you can kick back and relax with your buddies! There are some hookah places that have a rave-type atmosphere. It is just my personal taste for a more laid back and calm environment. But, if you are looking for more of a rave-type place, Exhale might not be for you.

    I can't really give a review on the music because I like almost all music! But, the music isn't bad! So, no worries there.

    The price is very reasonable, especially for a college kid like myself. They also have free coals from all of my experience there.

    The taste of hookah is really good. They always have great mixes for the mix of the day.

    I just super love this place and would come here all the time if I could!

    I really suggest this place! Great vibe and great hookah.

    Can't beat that right?!

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    this place is pretty chill. I dont think the DJ's are spinning the exact stuff you want to hear when smokin hookah, but great vibe nonetheless.

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    This place was a TON of fun. I went out here with my sister and her friend. the place is very active later in the evening. They only use the best Starbuzz tobacco, so it all tastes amazing. They have a mix of the day and unlimited coals for it. Our bowl burned down for about 3 hours, so it lasts forever.

    They have DJ's Thursday through Saturdays I believe. The crowd was fun and mellow. The staff was a great help and replaced a bad mix free of charge.

    I'll go out of my way to head back there again another time.

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