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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Caffe Sanora feels kind of like sneaking into a family reunion that's not yours and being welcomed with open arms anyways. Everyone seems to know everyone and the vibe is all smiles.

    I especially love the huge, cozy dining room style chairs near the back. (There's a photo somewhere of them). This is the money table! Great view of everything going on inside and outside but also with the space needed for some serious productivity.

    The patio is the best I've seen at a cafe. It is huge, has tons of seating, and overlooks the always interesting Colfax Avenue. People watching is in full effect even at the early hours of the morning and the steady stream of people wandering in will keep you on your toes.

    The menu is perfectly priced and the breakfast options are decent. Fresh quiches, breakfast burritos, homemade oatmeal, scones, and even some gluten-free fare. I love that the have "cambric tea" on the menu. I got a delicious brew with Vanilla Almond Rooibos and the creaminess was the perfect way to start my day.

    With this level of friendly, I'm boldly guaranteeing you will walk away from this place feeling  a little happier.

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    A pleasant departure from pub food and the regular bar happy hour! This is version 2.0 for Caffe Sanora, my old favorite coffee hang spot, more seating and a growing menu of Italian cuisine. The meat and cheese plate with these artesian Salumi meats (locally made), make me smile, great wine choices for happy hour and Avery Brews... The Welcome Back is bigger and better and I am sure I won't be able to get a seat soon!

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    Well we have walked by this numerous times. So this Tuesday (2/12/2012) we stopped in at 3PM.  With regret now I realize what a gem we had missed. Do not be put off by its small size. The patio is very good people watching location on Colfax.

    First must say they offer fresh pastries and coffee in morning. NO hot food although have a weekend Brunch which will be tried soon. Yet maybe not.

    The reason to go there is their superb Italian pasta and dishes. The meat lasagna was outstanding. When we arrived they were just making the lasagna. The The eggplant rolotini was also outstanding. Both were served with a really peppy red sauce, just a little spicy. It was not like many places a red juice poured on top.

    The pasta was thick, and a little chucky. It was fabulous. Not the mushy noodles so common. They had a very fresh taste to them. The servings were perfect, actually could have enjoyed more pasta.

    The wine and beer selection was more than adequate. All the beers were from  microbreweries. While they have Happy Hour at 4PM, we were early. The wine selection also was very interesting.

    While did not try did see 2 of their salads. The looked fresh and were medium size. I am very sure if you do try this restaurant you will leave full and pleased. Our service was excellent .They have live music on Friday evenings.

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