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    Gave these guys another try and they have improved vastly. Crust was perfect this time -- super circular and baked just right. Tried a red sauce based pie and it was delicious. Props to them for taking customer feedback into consideration.

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    This pizza is amazing! I caught the truck at a wine event last weekend and couldn't resist trying the goodness that is Basic Kneads!

    Star 1 = huge slices, and i mean HUGE! Fold worthy :)

    Star 2 = delicious flavors throughout! I had a slice of the pesto chicken pizza and loved it! next up, Thai chili! :)

    Star 3 = awesome, friendly and attentive staff!

    Star 4 = it's on wheels! Food truck at it's finest!

    mmmmm mmmmm GOOD!

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    I have to qualify this 5-star.

    We went twice in three days.

    The first time we went, it was outside the VA hospital.
    They had the Square credit card application too, which allowed us to use a credit card. Handy.

    We got the Wiseguy-olive oil, roasted onion, fennel sausage, cheese, and rosemary.
    I'm from New York so I've become rather selective what is good pizza and I know what a good slice of New York style pizza is like.

    Whoa. This is nothing like it. The crust is thin-no cracker but no Chicago style either. It's locally milled wheat flour, which I appreciate, and it is the first time time someone has made a whole wheat pizza I could eat all day. It has depth-the slight roughage of the whole wheat without overpowering, while maintaining the integrity of the chewy pizza crust.

    The toppings. First sausage I've legitmately raved about. The roasted onion with the olive oil-MMMM. Combined with the rosemary, the olive oil/onion provides an ethereal contrast to the meatiness of the sausage.

    It took a while to get my pizza you don't hear me complaining. They make it fresh and fresh is better.
    I was utterly tempted to get another pie but we had other places to eat at.

    The second time was probably a 2-star. It was at a 16th Street concert and there was a huge line so they probably had to rush production. It was less than desirable......

    Ignoring the second time, I would definitely go another time, just not when there are too many people.

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