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    Best dive bar in Denver. Great staff, great patio, great prices.  A true gem.

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    I used to drive by this place all the time when some friends lived about 4 blocks away.  While waiting for the red light to change at 29th and Sheridan, I'd look at the worn and somewhat dilapidated exterior of Rustic Tavern and try to imagine what it was like inside.  The interior was always too dark to see past the front door when it was open.  Our friends moved out of the neighborhood about six years ago and I haven't driven by that corner since.

    Until last night, that is, when I stopped in for our book club meeting and discovered that Rustic Tavern is more than just a dive bar, it's a cozy neighborhood hangout.  The batender was just as sweet and friendly as she could be and she knows how to keep the regulars happy with good, strong, cheap drinks.  My vodka tonic was only $3.00 (did ya hear me - three dollars!) and, as the sign behind the bar says, "In God We Trust.  All Others Pay Cash."

    My favorite part is the outside space in the back that is part gravel "patio" and part nice green grass lawn.  It's kinda like being in your neighbor's back yard - very homey.  I can imagine sitting around back there and drinking way too many stiff $3.00 vodka tonics on a lovely summer evening.  Maybe I'll have to make another special trip to the neighborhood.

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    Even though this place is a local dive, even if you're not from the neighborhood you will surprisingly feel welcome.  Slide into a booth or a table if the bar is full, order up a standard drink or beer and relax.  Don't come here looking for fancy cocktails or craft beers, but do come here visit with the 83 year old lady who has owns the place.  :o)

    Cash only, ATM on site.

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