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    Amazing little Italian market. The Italian sandwiches are delicious!

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    I was in town on business and decided to try and find a suitable prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich since my favorite from back home just disappeared (menu change, a real shame). After seeing one that looked great in the Yelp photos I decided to give Spinelli's a try. My experience was as follows:

    Walked back to deli around noon on a Saturday and was met with a small crowd of hungry people. I waited about 5-8 minutes before placing my order. Ordered a prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich on white sub-style bread. Waited another 5 or so minutes to get the sandwich. Paid at the front register and sat at one of the two 4-tops in the front of the store. Now, the food:

    Upon unwrapping my sandwich I discovered that the prosciutto was medium-thick sliced, something I'm weird about and don't prefer (I like all sandwich meats thinly sliced).  However, I didn't specify this ahead of time and so can't really complain too much. The amount of meat and cheese were generous and I was excited to taste it. Fast forward 7 minutes or so...  I'm finished, satisfied and will certainly be back again. It wasn't as good as my hometown favorite (Panozzos in Chicago), but it was very good and I will come back for more.

    Additionally, everything else in the store looked very good and fresh. If I were making an Italian dinner or needed some specialty Italian ingredients I would come to Spinelli's to check for it.

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    My thoughts on Spinelli's:

    - Very unique Italian market.  I loved the fresh produce and authentic Italian ingredients!
    - I had very high expectations after reading the reviews, but was not super-thrilled about my sandwich.
    - I ordered the Italian, but they were out of Italian rolls so I chose a baguette instead.  It was extremely difficult to eat because the bread was really tough and my sandwich kept falling apart!
    - I also ordered some house pastrami to take home and make sandwiches with - it is awesome and was not very expensive.
    - The potato salad was also very good.  It's too bad they don't give you more!  It was creamy, with a nice mustardy kick and a few chopped veggies.

    I guess I was expecting the best sandwich in Denver, and was a bit dissappointed.  I would try it again but Snarf's is still my fave!  The desserts and pre-made meals look really tasty and might be worth trying on a busy weeknight when I don't feel like cooking.

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