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    So. Freaking. Good.  
    I had no idea what a torta was... and now i know it means YUM.
    Its like a delicious warm sandwich bomb.  MMMMMMmmmmmmm

    and Steve's awesome (the owner)  
    I live right around the corner from their shop, but i've also caught their food truck at Hogshead brewery on a Saturday.  Getcha some!

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    The Torta Especial is the most delicious meat apocalypse on a bun in Denver! All of their tortas are top notch: I'm also a fan of The Carlito. Their fresh juices and fruit cocktails are equally tasty (their cucumber lemonade is perfect for washing down one of their sandwiches). It's not unusual for me to eat 3 of their tortas in a week. BONUS: they will deliver their gigante sandwiches to your house! This is a dangerous luxury for a man of my appetite and laziness. I may have to pick one up on the way home today...

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    Millions of these are served every day in Central Mexico; it is their Sub sandwich, Hero, Grinder, etc.  All tortas start out with a flat bread, loaded with mashed frijoles, avocado, lettuce, and tomato.  I recommend carnitas (fried pork) and anything else you wanna throw in there.  The couple, an American and a Mexican, who own and run the small restaurant are very friendly and helpful.  You MUST accompany your torta with a fresh fruit drink.  For hot weather, the Cucumber Lemonade is THE most thirst-quenching drink, bar none!
    Before you go, pick up some tamales to take home for dinner!  The owner's mom from Mexico City makes these.  They are terrific.  If you have never had a GOOD tamal, try one of these.  The masa is light and fluffy, yet still has a good, rich flavor.  Help support a great, daring, different, and yummy place for a welcome change of pace!

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