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    I was super excited to see that there was a milk tea shop right next to the hotel I was staying at. The menu was promising because there were so many choices.

    I tried the chow mein that came with fried rice and I couldn't finish it because it wasn't very tasty. The rice lacked flavor and felt stale and the chow mein also lacked flavor. I tried a mango milk tea which was tasty but was made with a powder that has a pretty artificial flavor.

    I even gave this place a 2nd try that same night when I came back and got a yogurt frost. It was made with a powder yogurt flavor rather than real yogurt. It tasted very artificial and sweet.

    So, my excitement was sadly replaced by disappointment. I would come here only if this was the only milk tea option in the city.

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    I have eaten here multiple times with my girlfriend and we both think the boba is definitely the best in the area. There are 20-30 flavors, the boba is always soft, chewy, and sweet, and a large is only around $5 after tax.

    The food is also good. I usually have either egg drop soup or hot and sour soup along with a random dish. I really liked the pepper steak and my girlfriend enjoyed the sweet and sour pork.

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    EVERYTHING was good! Egg drop soup, chicken lo mein, shrimp w/ veggies, thai iced tea, smoothie, vegetable egg roll. And the prices were EXTREMELY reasonable. This is DEFINITELY a place I will have to keep visiting.

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