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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This place was fantastic, loved it. It was located in the main Kingstowne strip mall with a handful of other different stores and restaurants. The atmosphere was cozy, the restaurant didn't have much space but the layout was well done. Also, the restaurant was decorated nicely.

    I'm not a big fan of Indian food so I was hesitant to go here, but I'm glad I did. My wife and I started out with a few drinks and the shrimp bagari. Wow, the shrimp bagari was fantastic - loved it. I had the Makhani and wow was it ever great, just having that dish makes me want to come back again. It was fantastic and it melted in your mouth. My wife had the Saag and she loved it, she said it was excellent and made her want to return as well.

    Probably the best Indian place we have been to. The food was very good. Highly recommend!

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    Staff are very arrogant and food is not so good.

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    This is the best Indian food definitely in the Springfield area and possibly in Northern Virginia. It is a small place with a really cool ambiance. The wait staff is very helpful, but it DOES get crowded. I would not just show up to this place and then write a useless review about how bad their service is. Make a reservation. If you don't, expect to wait. Their tikka masala and tandoori is amazing. The prices are very reasonable and it's a great place to go before or after a movie. I don't understand any review below a four for this restaurant. Sure taste is subjective, but they are just wrong. I took my parents here, also food snobs, and they loved it. I'd honestly prefer this place over going into DC to find something more expensive and probably not as good.

    Tip: Don't sit near the door in the winter. The retards who didn't make a reservation are waiting in the vestibule and they are very slow to close the door.

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