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    Ok...lets be honest, the buns are not Sour Dough.  The buns are Hawaiian sweet bread.  I was kind of shocked to take a bite of my yummy pizza burger to find sweet chewy bread in my mouth.  After reviewing the menu that said the buns made the deal...wow...am I the only one who noticed this?

    While the Mojitos are claimed as a signature drink, they are the kind of Mojitos that are slightly bitter, what happened to me sweet Mojito?  Is this Alabama style Mojito, or Mississippi style Mojito?  Dunno...just wasn't worth $7.00, even after sending it back, it came a 2nd time like totally watery, tasteless drink. I guess bartender tossed some sugar into my melting drink instead of  remaking it properly..;bartender gets 3 thumbs down.

    The salad was great, but was warm.  The BLT was again on sweet Hawaiian bread, more like sweet chewy BLT, kind of gross and greasy.  Fried Pickles were Hamburger dills, OK...not super star boom.  

    On the positive, the waiter was super cool and friendly.  The crowd was lively and good ambiance, outdoor seating and large tables great for a group.  But...bathrooms were filthy.  I was kind of surprised at how crowded the place was with a D+ food/drink delivery.  I guess there are  not so many options in Vestavia.  Seriously, maybe I am spoiled with great culinary choices in my greater cosmopolitan travels  I wouldn't really recommend this place for a meal.   But would recommend it for some friends getting together to drink good craft beer... Unless you are really into sweet bread.

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    We don't come here often enough. They have great burgers, but the rest of their food is always really good too. Fast and friendly service. Affordable prices. I recently got one of their salads and it was really good. I've tried most of the burgers and my favorite is probably the McDonald.

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    Waited an hour to be seated... Had high expectations because of the wait... Was not disappointed!!! They definitely delivered!! Food is unique and VERY flavorful! Service was excellent... NO complaints. Well worth the wait!!!

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