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    This place is great! Besides being one of the driving forces behind the revival of the Birmingham music and radio scene, it  is also a great place to catch a show. This 2-in-1 venue offers a sound stage and a theatre-for large, loud shows, and smaller, more intimate shows respectively. They have a full service bar and there is not a bad seat in the house. Plus, happy hour is great daily. Visit Workplay and you're likely to fall in love with a band that will have you saying "I saw them before they got huge" in the near future.

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    Great venue for live concerts!

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    I went here earlier in the year to see a Duncan Sheik concert - and like others have said, it's a very small, intimate venue. The seating was great, the lighting and table/chair arrangement was good...and basically the entire experience was a great one. The loudness of the opening acts was a bit too much though (must be getting "old man" ears), but that was probably due to the performers' equipment settings, not the venue itself. Also, parking was painless and just across the street. It's also in a nice part of Birmingham's downtown area, so I didn't feel unsafe going to it/parking there, even though I went in and left after dark.

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