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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Sushi was decent. I'd give it about 4 stars. However, I ordered the Charsu Don and the pork was disgusting. The pork was dry and over cooked and the rice was old and simply had soy sauce and onions on it. Was the worst pork I ever had at a Japanese restaurant.

    Was in Birmingham for a week for work so was glad I didn't pay for any of the meal. The Chasu Don was what reallly turned me off about this place. My expectation was low to begin with since I was in Birmingham for asian food... and it didn't meet my expectations. Sorry SPR!

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    Great food and service.  No wait, authentic decor and great prices.  The CRAWFISH EGGROLL was DELISH!  They've even got a good burger and steakfries (LOL who knew?) The SAKE hit the spot.

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    3.5 stars.

    Always get the Tofu Japan for an appetizer and it is surprisingly filling.
    Try the UAB roll. Crawfish and eel? Yum!
    Stray from the Thai octopus, even if you are an octopus fan.

    Service is typically good, yet a little awkward.
    They double charged my card one night, but that was easily fixed with efficient customer service via phone call.

    Prices are average and it's definitely one of my every-other-month dine outs!

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