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    Walls are very thin, adjoining doors have no buffer. Don't stay here if you want sleep.

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    Found this hotel via Siri, when I asked her to find a pet friendly hotel in Birmingham. Just a couple miles off of the highway (20). We were a little nervous because the neighborhood looked a tad run down, typical "downtown/city-ish". The Hotel was AWESOME! We were greeted by a very pleasant front desk staff, who immediately wanted to pet our doggie. We went to our room and were just blown away! The rooms were huge and decorated so retro and chic. Living area, dining area, kitchen, spacious bathroom and huge bedroom! It was so cool I wanted to order out and bring it back to chill in the room! We ended up at the steak restaurant next door (which was fabulous)
    The price was outstanding for the quality. I was shocked that it was so inexpensive!

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    Hotel Highland is a really neat hotel. Right in the middle of the action. Walk outside and there are a dozen bars and restaurants to choose from. Price seems good for the area. We paid 129.00 a night and when we got to our room were surprised to see it was so roomy.  We have a sitting area that is separated from the bedroom.  Both the bedroom and the sitting area have a tv. The room also has a fridge and microwave. We have 5 huge windows that look right down on the five points area. The hotel bar is also a nice atmosphere. The server was very polite as was everyone else from the desk host to the valets. I love the artsy atmosphere of the place. The only drawback is the 15.00 a night parking charge. That does give you peace of mind though because your car is parked in a gates facility a level below the hotel that also has security cameras. All things considered we are happy with the hotel highland

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