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    There are few places in Lake Charles better than BWW to drink beer and watch a game. The wings are great... and the taste/quality of the food is consistent (which I find NOT to be the case at BWW in other cities.)

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    I love this place for sporting events.  They don't take reservation for LSU football games but they do for the SuperBowl so be warned.  The wings are tasty and during a big game this is the place to be.  However, each time I've gone my team has lost.... so I may need to stop coming for big games.

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    This place is a mixed bag. It's a chain, so that being said, it already leaves a bad taste. It's in Lake Charles though and options are slim. One of the few places with a great beer menu. The food menu is something to be desired. I've never been a fan of Buffalo Wing places due to the food, but this place is the one of the better ones. Decent service here too. If you want good beer and don't care about much else, this is a good option for Lake Charles.

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