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    I used to work here, that being said, I still go as often as I can because of how awesome the food is. Also they have the best happy hour in town hands down. Great work guys

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    Great place to hang out on the deck and have a few drinks.  You can see the lake and I think until the city starts the development of lakeside dining, it is the best you will get :).

    Some of their food feels like catering food ( the chicken breasts and sauces (as they own a catering company next door)) so stick to some of the more Irish or Bar type foods.

    Trivia night really brings the folks in, and the interior is kinda small but the patio is still usually open. If you can't get in Luna or just feel like a change, definitely go here for a great night of food and drink.

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    I really love this place!  It is one of the best things to come to LC in a long time.  They're changing up their menu a bit, which kinda upset me, but the food was still good.  I really miss their lamb pot pie.  That thing was delicious!!!  If you're in LC looking for something different, this is the place for you!

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