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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Always a good experience, whether I'm having dinner or just grabbing some beers. Great food... I love all the sandwiches, and the tuna is incredible. I always order the crab dip as an appetizer! Love the laid-back atmosphere!

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    The place is always packed especially when there is entertainment outside. Everyone seems to know everyone it's like an upscale Louisiana Cheers.

    I think the food is very good but I have to rave about the Bloody Mary, that Cajun seasoning on the rim is fantastic!

    Bottom line, if you want a place to eat in a downtown that is being revitalized with great food and a nice bar and an outside patio...GO HERE!

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    Downtown Lake Charles was like a ghost town during our winter weekend visit. We only saw passing cars until we arrived at the well-acclaimed and excellently rated Luna Bar & Grill. Before our trip, I used Yelp to find a good restaurant and Luna was the seemingly best choice.

    Parking appeared very sparce, with only 3 spaces in front of the building, only to later find out that there was parking in the back of the building also.

    After the excellent reviews, I expected Luna to be a lot bigger, but we were met with a narrow, yet completely filled space. They found us a seat in the middle of the floor between a bar and a booth that was a little tight, but after the food arrived, we quickly forgot about the space issue.

    The waiter was extreemely helpful in advising which dishes we should try. We started off with the Crawfish Bread appetizer, and although it was not loaded with crawfish, it had just enough to satisfy and not fill. I picked the Chicken Ella and my friend picked the Luna Tuna, both at the recommendation of the waiter. These dishes definitely did not disappoint. I loved the sauce of the Chicken Ella, but I loved the cut of Grilled Tuna that I tried on my friend's plate. It was so moist and tender, and as fulfilling as a steak. The Tuna dish cost a few more dollars than the menu claimed, but they did have a sign stating that Tuna prices could vary based on the season, so I wasn't disappointed or taken aback.

    We will certainly be visiting Luna again on our next trip to Lake Charles!

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