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    Haven't been here in years, I need to go now that I've moved back in town! This was a staple club for many of my friends & I when we didn't want to go to C-boys & have our dancing interrupted by many a stupid drunken testosterone driven fights. Always had good music & fun atmosphere. Knew many hetero ladies that would go there for the chance to dance without being man-handled. Always felt safe in the parking lot unlike other places where I insisted on being walked to my car by someone. (Used to be a smoking allowed place, unsure for now.)

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    Crystal's is the only place I go to in Lake Charles when I want to dance.  Not to mention it's the only friggin' gay club there!  Sure, there might be a fight (but it'll be dispersed quickly).  You might have hands groping you and no idea where they're coming from (but that's half the fun, isn't it).  The music is great (supremely gay friendly, of course) and so long as you don't need a clean dance floor to get down on, you're golden.

    Oh, and if there are giggling boys in the women's restroom, don't be surprised.  I don't blame them for not wanting to use the men's!

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    My first gay club right out the closet. I was like, "Look at aaaalllll the lesbians!" :D Lots of fun memories at Crystal's. As a matter of fact, the big red stamps on my hands dimed me out to my mom when I got home on that one glorious night LOL (senior in high school).
    Anyway about the place, the staff is friendly and the drink prices are cheap. The music is the same song list every Friday, but most people don't care because its the fabulous one and only in that ridiculously right-winged, conservative town.

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