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    Drive through daiquiris!  Enough said.  But honestly, this place has many flavors of daiquiris from Jungle Juice, Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Rough Stuff, and many more.  The alcohol content is pretty strong even though you can't really taste it, so your'e definitely getting your money's worth.  If you're heading into Lake Charles or just passing through, definitely make a stop here to get some delicious daiquiris.  You can drive through to get your drinks or you can make a stop and enjoy their upstairs outdoor patio.  Either way, make sure you pace yourself so you can avoid brain freeze. :)

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    Alcoholic slushies, OMG! I've only ever been here twice, both times with my bff, both times using the nifty little drive-thru. My first visit was two years ago & the other was this year, just a few weeks ago (as I passed through LA on the way back up to MA). Both times, I got the Peach Fuzz. Both times, it was frozen peachy mouthsex. :D

    The bestie got the Pina Colada, & the boyfriend got the Strawberry. I didn't care for *their* drinks too much, but I'm pretty picky about my alcohol (I also rarely have it, & when I do it's usually something fruity, so I might not be the best judge of these things). Anyway, it was quick & everybody enjoyed their respective drinks... I was a little confused as to why all of our cups had "Pina" written on them in pen & crossed out, but whatevs.

    There's a place next door that sells pretty much the same thing as these guys, but I've never been there. The only thing I know is that their Peach Fuzz has a different name, according to the menu. :P

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    Mudslide....... Yummy!!! Extra shot even better!!!

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