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    The food I had here was horrible.  I came for an LSU Football game and the crowd was great.  However I would not be back because of the quality of the food.

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    I had a better experience here than the previous review. Could have been a bad day when they went. Went here for the Giants game since you can't find bars open on Sunday here or bars that have all the sports channel (WTF I know).
    We sat at the bar, the bartender was very personable and had good conversation with everyone. You could tell there were regulars there and he spoke with them and kept us engaged.
    The owner was there and seemed likes douche, normally I would rate lower because an owner can break a place, but the bartender and seeing the waitresses work changed my mind.
    We had the wings which were some of the better that we have had in the area. Cooked well, good flavor and just enough meat.
    Our bill didn't seem outrageous what so ever. It's a shame we found this place at the end of the Giants season....we would have been there a lot if we had known they were open on Sundays and had more than five channels!
    Another bonus: the saints were playing and they give out raffle tickets to everyone at the place, they had football squares for the game and gave away prizes. You didn't have to pay a dime.

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    Huge disappointment! This is a great location, cool bar, hot barmaids, good service. The beer is way overpriced. The wings-Teeney, Tiny, small, yucky, no meat, no flavor, smaller than your pinky finger. Taste like shit. Can't believe you can even buy wing that small. The pizza- Walmart brand tastes better. And fix the bathroom, both urinals not working.

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