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    Nicest "lifestyle" club in San Diego!

    I LOVE that there are always high class people to socialize with...most you can meet on Lifestyle Lounge.

    Dowstairs is a fun club atmospher with a dance floor w/stripper pole, bar (bring your own alcohol. Mixers and water are free), and an area to play pool and socialize for  the less club type people. Upstairs is where all the real fun takes place with many play areas.

    Owners are very invested in providing the cleanest, safest and over all best experience that San Diego can offer!

    Only real gripe is that the curtains in the play area are sheer, so when you close the curtains for some privacy you still get plenty of guys watching you. I have a tendency to yell at these men, but you never have to tell them twice.

    Highly recomended for all people in the lifestyle...even beginers.

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    This was my first experience at a club like this. I have to say that I fit in quite well.

    I walked in Saturday night about 15 minutes after 11 and the people that were there for the evening were pretty much there.

    No one really caught my eye except for the person I was with. People were decent looking, no ugly broads or dudes.

    Lots of people watching available to the voyeur type.

    Overall I had a fine time. I danced on the pole and I got spanked on the spanking stool. I'm bringing some cuffs to use the cross and some extra toys next time to play a little more.

    The rooms were fun.

    Since I payed for the membership I will be visiting again.

    OH... one MAJOR GRIPE. THE DJ Saturday night SUCKED. I heard multiple songs played THREE times each. That's just ridiculous. And he was playing downloaded music with the wrong codecs. So the music would stop and a warning would go off. Buzz kill. The music started getting more housey towards the end of the night and I started having more fun.. and it was because the DJ left.

    I have better playlists on You tube than he had.

    I hope the music improves for the next time I attend. I would like to play to some good music!

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    Great spacious club. One of the nicest "lifestyle" clubs in San Diego. I would recomend to others

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