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    Nice start

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    Waited FOREVER for a pizza, and when I suggested to the waitress that it would be forgiven if they comped a drink she laughed. Well, the idea of EVER going back is also pretty funny.

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    Decided to try Local's last night, spent an hour at the restaurant and only ever managed to get drinks.

    The restaurant looks like it could be a good place for some pizza and beer, but after 45 minutes of waiting for our appetizers, my party had a talk with one of the managers and left. We received a coupon for a free pizza for our troubles, and our beer tab was waived, but we'll probably give it a couple months to see if the place can fix its problems and stay in business before we decide to try it again.

    For now, I'd recommend avoiding Local's during peak hours, and only go in when there are almost no cars in the parking lot and they shouldn't have any problem getting your order to you in a timely manner.

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