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    We tried this out instead of IHOP for breakfast. It is seat yourself!
    The waiter was very nice and helpful. She was quick too.
    Another waitress saw us trying to keep our kid entertained and was quick in bringing us paper and crayons without even being asked (AWESOME!).
    The prices are a bit higher but not unusual for the area, when the food came it made up for it. The portions were HUGE. We'll definitely chose it over IHOP any day.
    It has a 70's style diner with lost of pictures.
    The bathrooms are clean.

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    Great breakfast! Huge portions, hearty filling food. If you want a big, heavy, comfort food breakfast go to the Windbreak.

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    My family and I have eaten at the windbreak at least 90 times in the past 10 years in Alaska and in the last 4 years now it has went from the best place to eat at in the valley to I sat with 9 friends for over an hour just to get water or a menu.  When I went up to ask if they just missed us as it wasn't even full the bar tender told me to join the club and wait like everyone else.  I went back to my table told everyone what happened and with disgust they said let's leave.  The other 2 parties joined us as well in leaving as they had been waiting for over an hour for a bloody mary they said.  I understand there is tough times when someone calls in sick or what have you but she could have just said i'm terribly sorry we'll be with you as soon as we can we are a little short staffed or something to that matter i'm a very understanding individual.  But that was just uncalled for.  The food seems to good always but the service is so terrible that I just can't afford to eat there anymore as I leave angry.  Either will any of the group of people I brought with me.

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