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    Never did I ever think that somewhere in Alaska, of all places, there would be a restaurant that would ruin deep fried halibut.

    Leave it to me to find that place. Leave it to me to pay $20 for the halibut and not send it back.

    I hate myself for not sending it back. It was billed as "tempura battered, fresh Alaskan halibut." It was not tempura battered. It was rolled in seasoned flour and hit the deep fryer and it stayed there until the outside of the halibut chunks were hard and chewy. There was no batter on this halibut. There was a huge pile of halibut  on my plate - a more generous serving than what you see in Anchorage - so I pressed on - tearing thru each piece looking for moistness. Then I got a whiff...a whiff of fish. That is not a good sign when eating halibut. I realized then they gave me a huge portion because they were trying to unload it before they had to throw it out.

    I need to say that I Yelped this place before under it's "other name", (it's also been known as the Trout House and it's attached to a bar and seedy hotel). With my Native husband and kids we had the "pleasure" of going there twice and not get our food. Each time the waitress said "something happened in the kitchen, I don't know where your order is." Both times we all walked out. Sad more than angry. Such is racism in Alaska. Little did we know the favor she was doing us.

    I went back alone (against my better judgment), because the parking lot is ALWAYS jammed so I figured the food MUST be good, right ? And I couldn't think of another place in the valley to get what must be good, deep fried halibut. I thought, "How could they fuck up deep fried halibut?" I mean, right ? Even the British have great deep fried fish.
    Well, this time I got good service but the food was another story. Such is Wasilla.

    I paid. I left. I Yelped. The end.

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