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    If you are looking for fun, look else where. I am not 21, but my husband is and I don't even drink. The bouncer at the door, told me "You'll only be drinking soda!". Um, duh??
    Then he came up to my husband while I was standing next to him and said "She has to leave by 9" and didn't even acknowledge my existence.
    So if you want to be treated poorly, by all means go.

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    I was at Schwabenhof last August. They have a great selection of German beer but their bar food sucks. I've never been there while a band was playing so I can't comment on the entertainment.

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    Schwab's has my favorite band, The Defrosters playing there on Friday, October 23 at 8PM

    Since I don't have any thumbs, I give them 3 toes up!

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