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    this place is all about the weekend bar business.  They did an awesome job downstairs with the murals on the floor. Get the idea? DON'T waste your time coming here for anything other than getting drunk and dancing and loud music. Food SUCKS. Service SUCKS.

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    Make that 4 times in, now. It's not getting better. They are advertising on the local radio station for their great lunch specials, etc but the place was empty when a friend and I met there for lunch this week. And it was a sunny, pretty day -nice view of the lake. They are just not hitting on all 8 cylinders. Usually the service sucks, this time it was the food. Chowder was gluey thick and the cup was served without a plate underneath. Calamari appetizer came AFTER the soup and salads and they kept apologizing. Many of the pieces were soggy. We had to ask for appetizer plates and the manager brought them out to us and the top plate had hardened food on it - bright green. If the manager isn't  noticing crap like that, you can't blame anyone else for the lackluster food and service. We had no less than 3 people, including a very, very loud owner, come over and ask us how everything was like they really needed that affirmation. Finally I told the manager the calamari was usually excellent but today, it was soggy. I didn't even mention the soup or he'd think I was some sort of critic (!). Unless they are doing a booming bar business at night - and they fully well could be - this place won't make it another year. Great location - bad managment decisions.

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    His place is horrid! Smelly, loud, obnoxious. In the hour I was there two bar fights broke out. I happened to be sitting at a high table near where one broke out and I got smashed up against my table. It hurt so bad.
    This was just upstairs.

    Downstairs is more like a night club. Every three feet there is another skeevy guy who just wants to get in my pants (I'm married and even THAT doesn't put them off). The good news is that the music is so loud you can't hear the creepy guys' passes. Also, for some godforsaken reason, the floor is wet. Not damp, wet. Here's the best part, what is it wet with? As someone who went there in flip flops, I hope to GOD it was water.

    Parking is also pretty bad. This place is probably the best argument that the drinking age should be 30. Tons of drunk 20-somethings. Please heed my warning and go somewhere else. Anywhere is better than this place! I felt like I needed a shower when I got home.

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