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    Thank you, Ron. Finally a place where we can hang out with the whole family and listen to live music. We love the life size Jenga and bean bag toss. Lots of fun. Too bad you lost the taco stand. Keep fighting for us. Stuart needs fun places. Were not all against you. Anyone who lives downtown has to be prepared to live with a little noise. It comes with the territory.

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    This place is a delight: whimsical, comfortable, great sound system, easy to find either a quiet nook or the "buzzing hive."

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    Terra Fermata is a great tiki bar between the railroad tracks and Federal HIghway, just off of the newly "improved" Colorado Street.  You can order food from Ellie's Deli next door or any local place through the local delivery service.  The hours have changed since it first opened.  Monday through Saturday live music goes until 10pm (per noise ordinance), but the bar stays open till at least 11 or 12, depending on demand.  On Sundays, the music stops at 6 and the bar stays open until 7 pm.

    I've heard some really hot bands here.  There is an open mic on Tuesday nights with Cody Rutland (also plays with the Ohana Band).  As with any open mic, it can be hit or miss, but always fun.

    There are at least 15 beers/ales on draft as well as bottles of the questionably popular Bud/Bud Lite, Miller/Miller Lite, Ultra, Corona/Corona Light, etc.  There are some lovely wines, too.  The prices are about the same as any local independent bar.  

    On really busy nights, bring cash and use the cash-only bar for quicker service.  Most of the staff is very friendly and wonderful and possess a sense of humor about life.  The owner is generous.  Beware the tall, thin, high-voiced, two-faced bartender.  He's two-faced, your friend as long as the tips keep coming.

    Sundays are a favorite time for hanging out with friends!

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