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    This was our first trip to Peters since buying a house in the areas several months ago. The arrival was a bit rocky with Peter and the hostess seemingly not in sync as to where we were to be seated according to our reservation--we did not need to be aware of the glitch.

    Our steaks and side dish of German potatoes were great. Good choices of wines by the glass and reaonably priced.. Our waiter Glen was impeccable.

    Decor needs updating!

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    The food is very well prepared, our service was excellent thanks to Glen our waiter. But the decor is not in keeping with a high-end steakhouse, as the prices puport the establishment to be.  
    For appetizers, hubby had the herring and I had the brats. Both were very good.  For dinner, he had the NY strip and I had the petite filet mignon. Side dishes were asparagus and home fries.  Our meal was very good.  Hubby enjoyed his key lime pie, too.  We were disappointed they serve only beer and wine.  Who ever went to a steakhouse where you couldn't get a scotch, a manhattan or a martini?  

    As for the decor, I want to strip the place and start again.  I felt like I was eating in my Lithuanian grandmother's house.  The lace curtains, tchotchkes, the fake flowers on the table, the mish-mash of art and the cheap cutlery placed with my appetizer are the reasons I did not give this place five stars.. They could do a lot better with the decor and ambiance.  At least a tablecloth, lose the fake flowers and lace curtains, get some decent cutlery, even if you must show the family knick-knacks and outdated calendars on the walls.

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    My mom and I made a reservation at this restaurant after I received a dinner certificate from Coggin Acura.

    The decor is very cluttered, it was not pleasant. The chairs were too short for the table (we were asked to sit on pillows to remedy this... ) I'm 5'10". I can't remember the last time I needed a booster seat in a restaurant. Some new chairs would be a smart investment. Also, some new flatware. Except for the steak course, all of the flatware was suuuuper cheap. Bent tines on EVERY fork. It's just little details, but it makes a big difference for the overall experience. Especially when you are about to spend $50++ per person.  

    The service left A LOT to be desired. Our waitress was brash.  When we had issues with the food, her response was unsympathetically "well we're known for that." It doesn't matter if you're known for it, lady.  If the customer is not happy, the correct response is to apologize and try to remedy the situation.  Service 101.  

    Sigh. The food. The creamed spinach, I think they forgot the cream and the salt. The baked potato, although it was the size of my head, it was overcooked. Apparently, they are known for baked potatoes with crisp skin. But this skin was beyond crisp, it was burnt! They brought out some rubbery "sauteed" mushrooms to try and replace the terrible spinach. No thanks, didn't eat those either.

    I will say that the steak itself was good. it was seasoned well, tender, and properly cooked. But that one part of the meal does not make up for the others.

    Dessert was another disappointment. We ordered the apple streudel. It was hardly sweetened, and I don't like overly sweet desserts. Also, the streudel pastry was not crisp and flaky. It was soft, like it was old and/or microwaved.

    In other yelp reviews, I see that the owner, Peter, is frequently in the restaurant. He wasn't there on that Sunday. Maybe everyone in the restaurant got a little lazy in his absence? I'm not sure why others have had great experiences and we had a miserable one. It's a shame.

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