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    House of Brews was a great find.  They have an amazing beer selection at the bar and to bring home.  If you are in the mood for some true craft beer with some education while your at it, check out this joint.

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    The best place in town for a cold beer.  Massive selection, fair prices, outstanding bar staff and great atmosphere.

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    30ish beers on tap, as well as lots of bottles of hard to find (at least in this area) craft beers. This is essentially a bar/lounge within a package store. It seemed like a laid back atmosphere, both in patrons and staff. Not enough seating to accommodate a crowd over 40 people, which was about the number when we went on a Saturday night. They had a decent selection of appetizers and small dishes, too. This place is worth checking out when the weather keeps you away from the ocean area.

    Stuff: Foozball table, checkerboards (with used bottlecaps), card room, juke box, an old school arcade machine that eats quarters (even the staff member who refunded my money didn't know why it was still there).

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