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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Great place to relax with a group of friends and try many wines  / beers.  Enjoyed our visit.

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    This establishment should be called hops & barley. The staff has absolutely no knowledge of wine.  Not impressed with the "vine" end of this place, they should take some courses and the owner should purchase proper wine glasses for each wine. If you are heading this way to enjoy wine DON'T -----

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    This place has the best beer and wine selection in Palm City.  The owner was incredibly friendly and spoke to us for quite a while as we tasted brews until we decided on the one we wanted to order.  This is not really a restaurant, so don't go there expecting to eat a full meal there.  It is a bar, but an exceptionally good bar.  Do not pay attention to the negative review.  I highly recommend this place.

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