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    I went to this Irish restaurant for a good Sunday breakfast. SERVICE: Extremely poor. Food was sent back twice and they still didn't get the orders right. Management not responsive. Waited forever for a cup of coffee. All the orders were missing something. The waffles came out ice cold, the butter was frozen, unable to spread. The hash browns ordered extra crispy were barely cooked. A huge disappointment. But worse was the service. I too would like to see this establish succeed, however, I do not think that it will.

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    Let's face it: a pub that serves shrimp quesadillas and "mango breeze" (whatever that may be), but not corned beef with cabbage, has no business calling itself Irish.

    In that light, I don't feel singled out as a vegetarian; the overcooked pasta with bits of vegetables (and bread that reminded me of a sliced-up hamburger bun) isn't worth an insulting $10.99 when you could get three eggs with hash browns for $3.99. I'd have ordered that, but of all the breakfast items, only the Irish breakfast (the least vegetarian meal on any menu) is available all day.

    I'm not inclined to return, no matter how lively the music nor how attentive the service may be. At the end of the day, a restaurant should serve food worth eating at a price worth paying. I wish the future tenants of this location more success at that task.

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