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    This place rocks.  Totally open outdoor bar at the Granite Links Golf Course when the weather permits.  You can see about 70% of the golf course from the little patio, and off in the distance there is a great view of Boston.  Drink prices are pretty low for the location, and the food is meh ... but the Tavern restaurant is right across the parking lot if you desire something more than burgers and sandwichs.  This is only open when the golf course is open, and usually they will have live music later in the afternoon a few days a week.  They often have free wine tasting with cheese on Thursdays as well.  Who doesn't want free drinks?  Although you can sometimes run into a few loud golf dudes, if you are a chick and want to find a rich horny guy that wants to cheat on his wife, this could be a place you might want to check out.  To me this is just what you will always find at a golf course bar, so I am OK with it.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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    what a view!.........putting green on the right........driving range on the left......open air bar in the middle..........very relaxing.......reasonably priced drinks and food..........and again what a view........from blue hills to boston sky line to quincy bay

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