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    Trying to be high end sports bar. When are nachos not nachos? In this place. Epic fail. Food is like dog food. Our waitress gave horrible service. We had to fine maitre d for our bill. He was everywhere walking around but did little managing. It was so bad an experience we got to a point where we were just laughing at the horrible service.

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    Went on a Monday (7/1/13) 8:00 pm.  I think they have been reading the reviews and trying to improve (or we were just lucky).  The place was almost empty, so my wife and I were immediately greeted and seated in front of a bank of flat screens showing the 2 ball games that were on - we're happy.  The menu is fairly extensive and except for wines and some beers, did not seem overpriced.  Like another couple whose review I just read, we ordered the Cobb salad and I got the Esposito hamburger (rare).

    They both were good, well prepared and portion was good sized without being overwhelming.  Waiter was attentive enough - we did not test his knowledge of the ingredients, menu or preparation.  After I finished my soda he didn't ask if I wanted a refill (free) - he sort of disappeared for a while.

    I watch a lot of Food Network and often see what is wrong in restaurants and why they fail.  From the reviews posted here, it looks like they better start paying attention to the food quality and prep - BUT for us all was well.  

    I hope they do improve and are paying attention because it is really nice having a restaurant at this location.

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    I hate giving one star to anyone or anything. In fact, it makes me feel guilty that I even have to submit this review. However, my experience here was so bad that I will never step foot in this place unless I was forced at knife point. This is something I need to share.

    I'll preface this by saying the manager, Michael, has been nothing but extremely helpful throughout this entire episode. My girlfriend and I decided to grab drinks and an appetizer here after shopping at the mall. Bartender took my credit card for my tab after we ordered drinks and buffalo nachos. Nachos came out within a few minutes because they used a pre-made cheese sauce that they poured over the chips. This was the first time I've ever sent anything back.

    I talked to the manager and he was great. He took it off my bill, explained how other people didn't like it either and said he tried bringing it up with the chef. Well my girlfriend and I felt a little embarrassed we had to do that so we drank our beers and left cash for our tab, completely forgetting about my credit card (doh!).

    I call back the very next day and they don't have my credit card. REALLY!? I was very suspicious and also curious to see what was going to happen so I ordered a new credit card instead of reporting it lost/stolen. Fast forward one month later and I see a charge on my card from Skybokx. Wow. I called them immediately and talked to the manager who instantly remembers me. Turns out, some customer used my credit card to buy drinks. They supposedly left a good tip too - how nice of them. Needless to say, I disputed the charge and reported fraud. I wonder how this customer got my card?

    Take what you will from this review. I would personally steer clear of this place. Other reviewers appear to reverberate this sentiment.

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